The System Is Out To Get You

  • December 7, 2023
  • 2 min read

Recent articles from Bloomberg highlight the precarious state of the US economy, suggesting that it’s being artificially upheld by deep-seated resentment. The populace’s anger towards a perceived rigged system is a driving force behind this precarious economic balance. Do you perceive similar sentiments affecting your world and finances?

Retirement Savings Plundering:
Americans are resorting to plundering their retirement savings, directing substantial amounts into the economy. This trend raises concerns about the authenticity of income and revenue across various sectors. Whether or not you notice it, a portion of the circulating money might originate from individuals tapping into their 401K funds.

Cars as Potential Adversaries:
Beyond the concerns regarding the implementation of kill-switch technology in cars, there’s a new development. The federal government is pushing for anti-speeding technology in new vehicles and advocating for speed assistance features. While currently an urge rather than a requirement, these technologies could range from warning systems to potentially shutting down or applying brakes in extreme cases. This intrusion of more controlling technologies into vehicles raises questions and concerns about future limitations on driving freedom.

Your opinion matters.
Given these developments, opinions are essential. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments about these evolving economic patterns, the implications of retirement savings depletion, and the increasing infiltration of control mechanisms into modern vehicles. The future seems to hold significant changes, and your viewpoints contribute to understanding these potential shifts.

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