Overstock Tool Pallet, $90K for $17K

  • February 29, 2024
  • 3 min read

Here’s another example deal from our friends at AML, and this is a tools and equipment truckload. It has a wholesale value of $1,700, and here’s the manifest, giving an idea of what this is approximately looking like. So, it’ll break down each one of the items on this truckload.

Insights into Wholesale Values
Let’s dive into the breakdown of the items. For example, we’re going to look first at this hydraulic cylinder. It has a retail price of $299 and a wholesale price of $187. If you add up all these wholesales, it’s about $17,000, and this is about 10 percent of that—what you have to pay for it.

Highlights of High-End Items
Now, let’s find something a little higher-end in terms of dollars on the manifest. Here is a waterjet pump that retails for $579 and wholesales for $304. Right below it is a wet-dry vac that retails for $489 and wholesales for $180. If you add up all the wholesales, you end up with a total of tens of thousands of dollars at retail.

Analyzing profit potential
I think the total looks like they’re showing it at $80,000 at retail, and the package is $17,000. So, if you can mark up more than 4x on this package, you come out ahead.

Detailed Manifest Insights
The manifest will show you part numbers, model numbers, whether it’s new or used, if it’s a private label or branded, and give you all the specs on what it retails for and what the MSRP is. Here’s one that’s over a thousand for MSRP: a Northern Tool toolbox. Actually, it’s right below it. This one is a thermal pain workshop heater. Above that, you’ll find even some OHV engines that are in the thousand-dollar range.

Understanding client preferences
This is the latest tools and equipment package from AML, with the numbers on it. They also have some household goods, but we found that most of the clients we work with do very, very well with tools and equipment rather than household goods. So, this package is of great interest. You can find it on their website, AML. We’re not affiliated with them; we just find deals at different places, and this one seemed like a pretty good discount for what they normally have.

Important Considerations
Make sure you read the terms and conditions. A lot of times, it’s FOB. This one looks like it’s in South Carolina. They’re located in Alabama, but if you’re close to that area and you go pick it up, you can save on shipping as well.

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