A.I. 100% Expected To Take Over Jobs, Culture

  • December 15, 2023
  • 3 min read

Is AI (artificial intelligence) getting crazy? Is it starting to really disrupt society, and will it do so in the future? Well, let’s take a look at what some experts say. Here’s the CEO of Altimer Capital saying that AI will cause the largest displacement of human labor in the history of capitalism. It’s going to displace more jobs and employment than anything else. And he’s not the only one. McKinsey, which is the largest consulting firm, says that AI will do 70% of jobs in automation.

Concerns and Lack of Safeguards
Side note: The devil’s in the details. Well, obviously it is, but AI is going to take over 70% of jobs. Put those two things together—two different places are saying it’s going to affect the displacement of jobs. You have a job; it doesn’t matter what it is; even if you’re a company owner, you have a job. Is it going to affect your job or your employment? As a joke, some people say we’ve seen this movie. Open AI says that as a warning to humanity. We’ve seen this movie before, right? And as a joke, what movie are they talking about? Well, we know the movie, right? Terminator. That’s what they’re referring to.

Insufficient Protections and Potential Harm
Are there enough protections in place? Not according to Google. The company’s AI guard rails aren’t enough to prevent harm. So, when this guy said Devil’s in the detail, well, here’s one detail: there’s not enough guard rails to prevent harm. I know you have an opinion about that. Let’s hear what you have to say.

Potential Risks in AI Integration: An Example of Vehicle Technology
What’s an example of where AI could cause harm? Well, the NTSB, which is the government agency that puts rules in place for vehicles, says that it wants anti-speeding technology in all new cars. Intelligent speed assistance technology: let’s see if it’s really assistance. Warns a driver when the vehicle is speeding, but that’s at a minimum. That’s not what it’s for. It warns the driver when the vehicle is speeding. What else can it do? In addition to that, they want to have speed-onboard cameras to ensure speeds are followed.

Implementation and Concerns Regarding AI-Controlled Systems
How do you ensure it’s followed? Maybe you put on the brakes, and now you have a camera in your car too. Passive systems warn a driver when the vehicle exceeds speeds; active systems include certain mechanisms that make it more difficult to increase a vehicle’s speed above the posted speed limit and those that electronically limit a vehicle’s speed. So basically, they’re going to press on the brakes. That’s AI. That’s automated technology. So, do you think this is something that, according to the Google CEO, could cause harm? If you’re driving your car and it accidentally presses on the brakes because it thinks the speed limit is lower than it is, how’s that going to help you? Let us know what you think.

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