Why Is Telemedicine Still Popular After 2020?

  • December 9, 2023
  • 2 min read

The period of 2019–2020 witnessed a remarkable acceleration in the adoption of online medical services, also known as telehealth or telemedicine. This surge in acceptance facilitated remote healthcare consultations, a trend previously met with hesitancy.

Redefining healthcare delivery
Traditionally, seeking healthcare necessitated a physical presence before a medical provider. However, over half of medical facility visits primarily involve discussions rather than physical examinations, making telehealth an ideal avenue. It eliminated travel time, often an hour or more, to reach a medical facility.

Eliminating Waiting Room Woes
Beyond travel time, Telehealth eradicated the notorious waiting room experience, where patients often spend significant periods due to backlog. Additionally, it mitigated the risk of exposure to other illnesses prevalent in healthcare settings.

Beyond Contagion Avoidance
Telehealth’s impact transcends mere contagion prevention. Users increasingly utilize it for prescription refills and discussing test results, and they perceive the professionalism and care quality on par with in-person visits.

Efficiency and accessibility
For healthcare providers, telehealth signifies improved efficiency, reduced costs, and expanded accessibility. Online consultations enable a streamlined process with minimal buffer times between appointments, unlike in-person visits.

Reducing No-Show Rates
Comparatively, telehealth exhibits substantially lower no-show rates (seven percent) than in-office appointments (36 percent). The ease of access diminishes the likelihood of missing appointments due to unforeseen circumstances.

Optimizing healthcare resources
While certain examinations necessitate a physical presence, the bulk of follow-ups and consultations can occur remotely. Virtual consultations for prescriptions and non-urgent check-ups ease the strain on healthcare systems, freeing resources for more critical cases.

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