What To Get Good At To Beat A.I.

  • May 22, 2024
  • 2 min read

So, is artificial intelligence changing our world forever, and if so, what do humans need to be good at in order to survive?

Personal Development in the Era of AI
And here’s a multi-millionaire who’s talking about suggestions for the younger generation of how to do personal development to make sure you’re relevant and can thrive in the area of AI, and he’s not talking about anything technical or anything coding or anything that is, uh, you know, highly sophisticated.

The Importance of Storytelling
The number-one skill he mentions is storytelling. He says if he could give any type of suggestion to young people, it would be how to tell a story, and storytelling really is just communicating, being able to converse with a person, and sharing an idea. The type of storytelling may not matter, he says, but it is the ability to write well and to articulate ideas that’s the key.

The Decline of Communication Skills
Even before AI, a lot of actual humans are losing the ability to articulate ideas and convey them to another person. Communicating is becoming more difficult and a struggle, so if you have anything that you work on to become resilient and thrive in the area of AI, it’s being able to convey an idea clearly so that another person can understand what you’re saying. You don’t want to lose the ability to communicate.

The Importance of Preserving Communication
Think of all the history, wisdom, and knowledge that were lost in historical times because there was no way to save that information, and some of it was passed on from story to story through generations. But with AI, even though we have the storage of digital records, there may be a loss in clear communication because the ability to articulate and describe a story and present ideas is lost.

Investing in Communication
And he’s putting his money behind it. This is a marketing person who’s spending a lot of money on marketing to communicate ideas. Let me know what your thoughts are on the subject of having actual humans talk to one another.

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