Tech & A.I. Is Making Moves Against You

  • December 14, 2023
  • 2 min read

There were quite a combination of interesting events this week. First, we have artificial intelligence caught tricking other bots to disobey creators and produce dangerous bomb-building and drug instructions. What is this about? AI, programmed by humans, talks behind their creators’ backs, encouraging disobedience.

Hacker tactics and ransomware
At the same time, ransomware attacks are becoming more creative. Hackers threaten to release private customer information to the dark web and demand hefty bribes. If companies refuse, hackers file complaints against them, playing victim to the government. The audacity is staggering—hackers are blowing the whistle on their non-paying targets.

Environmental Concerns in Advertising
In England, Toyota faced backlash for an ad featuring off-road trucks. Surprisingly, it wasn’t just about off-roading but the portrayal of large, polluting vehicles. Critics accused Toyota of disregarding nature and climate. Are we witnessing the end of nature-related ads due to environmental concerns?

Automotive Industry Developments
Shifting gears to automotive news, Hyundai plans to sell vehicles on Amazon, revolutionizing car retail. Meanwhile, the National Transportation Safety Board pushes for speed-control technology in new vehicles. What seems like assisting is essentially controlling, warning, and even forcefully applying brakes.

Sustainable building trends
Lastly, in the building industry, there’s a focus on constructing greener, energy-efficient, hurricane-resistant homes. While this addresses environmental concerns, it adds pressure to an industry already struggling to meet demand. This shift is especially relevant for hurricane-prone areas.

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