Should You File Small Claims Lawsuit?

  • December 8, 2023
  • 2 min read

Almost everyone finds themselves entangled in disputes at some point—whether minor disagreements with neighbors or larger conflicts with companies. When facing such situations, what are your choices? Hiring attorneys, exchanging demand letters, engaging in depositions, or initiating litigation in small claims or regular court are common options. Mediation also stands as a viable alternative. However, there is another avenue: a virtual court offered through our portal.

The Process of a Virtual Court
This virtual court functions based on the mutual willingness of both parties involved. Scheduled sessions allow each side to present their case, evidence, and statements. An adjudicator, experienced in mediation and investigation but not offering legal advice or judgments, facilitates a condensed version of a court case. The objective is to simulate a judgment or ruling, providing insights into potential outcomes if the case proceeds.

Understanding the Portal’s Perspective
Certified mediators, licensed private investigators, and insurance claims adjusters operate the portal. Through a multi-faceted approach, it offers a single perspective on potential case outcomes. It’s essential to note that the judgments provided are not binding; instead, they serve as examples. While not obligatory, they can be utilized as negotiation benchmarks or disregarded entirely.

Comparative Cost and Value
Compared to conventional legal routes that often incur high fees, this virtual trial offers a cost-effective solution. With attorneys billing at high hourly rates, this alternative provides a swift and relatively inexpensive way to gain insights, typically lasting only an hour or two, all conducted virtually.

Benefits Beyond Legalities
Apart from judgment, the portal also considers mediation strategies and evaluates risks from an insurance perspective. It provides a platform for venting, hearing the other side’s perspective, and potentially gaining valuable insights for future actions or resolutions.

Considering the emotional and financial toll
Experience shows that prolonged legal battles take an emotional toll and accumulate substantial fees. The virtual court aims to offer a condensed preview of what a full trial might entail, tapping into insights not always accessible to courts, judges, or juries.

Exploring the Alternative: Demand Court
Before committing to a full-fledged court case, exploring this alternative could be worthwhile. The Demand Court website offers an opportunity to engage in this swift, cost-effective, and informative process, providing insights that extend beyond what a traditional court case might offer.

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