Sawmills Suddenly Closing Left Amd Right

  • February 21, 2024
  • 2 min read

In recent news, there’s concerning chatter about the future of the sawmill timber industry. Reports indicate significant disruptions in the sector, particularly in regions like Rosboro, Oregon, where a mill closure is imminent.

Rosboro Mill Closure
The situation in Rosboro, Oregon, is alarming. The closure of a major mill is not just about machinery; it’s about the livelihoods of 25 employees who are facing imminent layoffs. This development underscores the broader challenges facing the timber industry in this region.

Wamit Valley Mill Layoffs
The issue isn’t isolated to Rosboro alone. In Central Oregon’s Wamit Valley, a more extensive operation is facing dire straits. With the announcement of laying off a staggering 100 employees, it’s clear that the impact is widespread, affecting families and communities.

Housing Starts and Industry Impact
Delving into the root cause, one cannot ignore the correlation with housing starts. Recent data suggests a sharp decline in new construction activity, marking the steepest drop in almost four years. This decline is concerning, given the significant role new home construction plays in sustaining the timber industry.

Real Estate Market Dynamics
In the realm of real estate, new construction serves as a vital source of housing supply. With resale homes slow to enter the market, the focus shifts to new construction as a beacon of activity. However, if this pillar begins to crumble, the repercussions could reverberate across various sectors.

Future Implications
The interconnectedness of the construction trades, lumber mills, timber companies, and the real estate market raises questions about the broader economic implications. Will the slowdown in new home construction lead to cascading effects? This is a topic open for debate and analysis, and your insights are welcome. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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