Private aircraft for $20K

  • March 1, 2024
  • 2 min read

Here’s a different kind of deal we see once in a while. This is actually a very inexpensive private aircraft.

  • Details of the aircraft
    It’s a ’66 Cessna, which, as you know, is a little bit older than average. But for a Cessna 150, it’s not too old. It has been a very short time since a major, under a hundred hours. Even the total time of 5,700 isn’t too bad. It’s got the Continental 200 engine; it looks like it’s got the auto gas STC, so you can run it on regular pump gas for vehicles. There are some new parts and new tires, but it doesn’t have a radio, so you probably have to add that. And from what we understand, it’s probably a little bit negotiable on price.
  • Finding the Deal
    This one comes from Wing Swap, which is actually kind of a hit-or-miss aircraft deal website. If you go to it once in a while, you’ll find some aircraft for sale by owner in different categories. Some of them are really good deals; some of them are a little overpriced. But they’re aircraft you may not find on AeroTrader or Controller. It might be a good source to find a deal here and there.

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