More Scammers Getting Caught

  • February 21, 2024
  • 2 min read

Here’s another in our series of Ponzi schemers getting caught. We get this question all the time when we’re talking to clients: Are the people who scam me going to get caught? Well, it does happen.

Ponzi Scheme in California
Here’s somebody in California who stole $24 million in a Ponzi scheme over the course of a couple of years. 200 investors put in. If you do the math, that’s hundreds of thousands of dollars on average for this Ponzi scheme.

Law Enforcement Involvement
Think about it: somebody steals that kind of money; they’re not going to be able to just disappear. It’s big money we’re talking about, and the highest level of law enforcement gets involved. Usually, you’re going to have the FBI or SEC if it’s a security. It all starts with a private investigation to get the evidence out there so that the authorities can take over.

History of Ponzi Scheme Cases
But yes, Ponzi schemers get caught. They get caught all the time. It goes back to Madoff and Scott Rothstein; all the major Ponzi schemers get caught. It’s just a matter of time.

The Scammers’ Strategy
They’re counting on you to give up. The scammers are counting on you as a victim to just give up, forget about it, and lose your money, rather than taking action. That’s how they keep their scam going for as long as it does.

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