Keep An Eye Out For Used EV Deals

  • June 8, 2024
  • 3 min read

Introduction to the Used EV Market
Wow, there’s so much going on with used EVs that it’s almost hard to keep up with. The deals and prices are flying out the door right now.

Cost Comparison and Savings
Uh, used electric vehicles cost about half as much as they did just two years ago, and they cost about the same as gas cars and are cheaper to fuel and maintain. You don’t have oil changes, you don’t have, uh, things that wear out, and if you charge it at home, you have a lower fuel cost. It’s not gasoline fuel.

Lifestyle Considerations
Now, you may not agree with EVs as a lifestyle choice because of the way you use a vehicle, but for many people, a second or third vehicle that’s an electric vehicle might make sense. Back and forth to work, around town, to the to the grocery store, and running errands because you don’t have to pay $4 or $5 for gas. You can plug it in overnight when electricity is cheap and not really have to stop at a gas station.

Time and money savings
Not only are you saving money, but you are also saving time. You don’t have to stop at a gas station. So even if you haven’t considered a used EV, at least keep it on your radar screen. You may not need to buy one for a year or two or three, but if you start understanding the market now, when the time comes that it makes sense for you, you could find out that, um, you know the market and you’re already aware of how it works. You don’t have to ramp up your knowledge then.

Market awareness and preparation
You know what models are good, what’s a good deal, or not. In addition, make sure that if you’re looking at a used EV, you look into having the battery tested. It’s pretty cheap. A dealership should be doing it for you. There are third-party companies that do it. We’re a member of one. It’s, um, it’s called They can check the battery on any used electric vehicle.

Resources and Valuation
Uh, but you can check out our website, used DVS, for a link to that site, but also some valuation on what used EVs are going for and what the market is going to be like for you to maybe get a car that could save you some money.

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