Is There No Going Back From A.I. Damage?

  • May 22, 2024
  • 3 min read

There is no escaping the news about artificial intelligence. AI is everywhere; it’s creeping into fast food, uh, restaurants; it’s creeping into technology; it’s creeping into real estate; but it’s still early to know whether or not these advances are going to have other side effects that no one’s talking about.

First Mention of a Possible Side Effect
Well here’s one of the first mentions of a possible side effect that we’ve seen and this one hasn’t really been discussed before but it makes perfect sense this is Forbes Magazine a major business publication says that the first unintended consequence of AI is huge so what exactly are they talking about you have to kind of scroll down to the third paragraph says if we’re not careful our precious skill of communication in interpersonal skills think about it if you’re not able to talk to an actual human you’re skills of talking to actual humans May deteriorate it says that communicating is one of the few in uniquely human skills setting us apart from the rest of the inhabitants meaning animals so we have a way as humans to be able to commute and communicate and have interpersonal skills what happens if we lose that Forbes Magazine says it might be irreparable damage on our way to De evolution it’s not about AI it’s about the consequences of AI for human communication.

Call to Action
I know you have an opinion about this. Use your power of communication to put in the comments what you think about whether or not AI is going to deteriorate humans and make us less able to relate to each other, and if that’s going to have other negative effects that are worse than the positive from AI.

Pros and Cons of AI in Communication
Do you prefer to speak to an actual human, or do you prefer to speak to AI machines, chatbots, and robots? There’s pros and cons. AI sometimes doesn’t have attitudes; it doesn’t have emotions; it doesn’t have a bad day, so if you’re dealing with customer service, maybe AI is better, but on the other hand, there’s limitations on what it can do, and you don’t have that empathy, that warmth, that humanness of talking to an actual human.

The future of AI
What do you think AI is going to be in two, three, or five years, and how is it going to affect all of our experiences in personal life and also in business?

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