How To Prevent A Cyber Attack

  • July 11, 2024
  • 4 min read

So how do you prevent against a Cyber attack well according to this very highly technical uh publication that talks about cyber defense red teaming is the only defense continuous red teaming.

Importance of Continuous Monitoring
What does that mean? They talk about that there’s a sheer volume of new and unknown threats coming our way and lack of fully Fame formed Frameworks meaning that continuous monitoring that’s the key. Continuous monitoring is the only path to security.

Challenges for Small and Medium Companies
So if you’re a medium or small company you have an IT department you probably have a security department but they may not be up to date on all the hacks because there’s no way to be up to date on all the hacks. The hackers are coming out with new strategies for breaking into systems every single day every single week.

The Need for Constant Learning
So even if you took a course last week about the latest ransomware attacks the latest viruses a week from now it’ll be different so you constantly have to monitor not just for the known threats but the unknown threats according to the article it says right here.

Implementing Continuous Monitoring
How do you do that constant monitoring? Well unless you want to dedicate a lot of time and resources to your company or if you’re a large company and you can hire a staff for this the best way to do it is a continuous monitoring platform.

Third-Party Monitoring Services
There’s two ways to do it. There are companies that provide it, third party companies and the other reason why that’s better is because they are also providing monitoring for other firms all across the world. So when they see a new attack going against another company they can now instantly adjust their defense of your company. They don’t have to wait for the new attack to hit your company they can see it somewhere else.

The Analogy of Cyber Defense
It’s almost like a a vaccine for a virus. If a virus a new virus shows up they can actually use that as an example to protect your company.

Cyber Liability Insurance
If you’re you’re not sure if you want to hire company to do it, another way to do it is using cyber liability insurance. Many of the larger insurance companies right now, one of the companies that we write a lot with is Chubb, they provide constant monitoring active monitoring. They monitor your system so when they see activity they can take action right away.

Evolutionary Threats
What do they talk about in this article? Evolutionary threats that we may never fully understand. By the time you understand what the threat is there’s going to be a new one or it’ll be changed. Dynamic nature continually getting new data to develop capabilities right. That is the difficulty with cyber defense.

Comparison with Traditional Risks
Other types of risk and damage to a company don’t change. You know, hundreds of years ago they figured out how to do fire prevention: keep your building from burning down, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, don’t store oily rags next to the heater, you have a fire department down the street. None of that’s really changed.

The Evolving Nature of Cyber Threats
Cyber threats are changing week to week. You want to have augmented generation, you want to have your system constantly being upgraded. If you don’t do that a new hack is going to easily defeat the old systems you had.

The Role of AI in Cyber Threats
New emerging unknown threats. AI is allowing these hackers to really change their threat Matrix a lot faster. They don’t have to spend two weeks writing new code, they can have AI do it in three minutes. Don’t stand a chance against that unless you have active monitoring.

Final Advice
So talk to your IT department, talk to your insurance broker, or you can click the link below to get consultation from our company. But one way or another be aware that the threat is out there and it could show up on your doorstep at any time.

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