How To Get Disagreements Resolved

  • June 19, 2024
  • 3 min read

Conflicts and Disagreements Are Common
There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal today about conflicts and disagreements and a conflict or a disagreement could be everything from a full-blown heavyduty lawsuit down to just two people arguing about where to go for dinner.

Escalation of Disagreements
Normally a disagreement has about 90% of things already in common. There’s 90% agreement on the facts; there’s only about a 10% of the facts that are really in dispute. Why then do disagreements escalate?

Challenges in Resolving Disputes
A lot of it has to do with pride or resentment or uh wanting to be heard, and that’s where it’s difficult to break through that.

Role of Mediation
So where mediation can come in is now you have a third party that’s neutral, not taking sides. They can listen to both parties so now both people are heard.

The Desire to Be Heard
You ever hear that phrase I want my day in court? They want their day in court because they want somebody to hear their story.

Benefits of Mediation
By having a mediator step in, you’re outsourcing the listening.

Finding Mutual Solutions
And then what the mediator can do is first of all identify the 90% of the problem that’s already solved that you may not be aware of or you’re blinded to because of your resentment or anger or jealousy or um sometimes revenge.

Voluntary and Satisfying Solutions
The good thing about mediation is it’s completely voluntary.

Avoiding Escalation
It doesn’t even matter if it’s a small disagreement.

Understanding the Consequences
A mediator can tell you the reality of what’s probably going to happen.

Emotional Impact
You’ll also find a lot more anxiety while that dispute or conflict is ongoing.

Benefits of Mediation Costs
Guarantee it’ll cost a lot less than an attorney and the increased productivity and increased happiness that comes from it will be worth it too.

The Role of Mediators
Mediators are out there wanting to help people. We love helping people and we love to see the resolution.

Opportunity to Vent
If nothing else use it as a opportunity to vent just vent your story.

The Listening Role of Mediators
The first thing any good mediator is going to do is say say tell me your story and they’re going to sit back and they’re going to be quiet they’re going to listen to you.

Encouraging Open Discussion
They may ask some questions to draw it out of you but they’re not going to talk over you they’re going to want you to tell all the details of your story good bad or otherwise so that it gets it all out in the open and you can be free to discuss it where sometimes other people may not want to hear it anymore.

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