How To Detect A Bad EV Battery

  • June 22, 2024
  • 2 min read

Here is why checking out a battery on a used electric vehicle is so important.

Report on Battery Degradation
This article from Jalopnik, which is a great publication for uh Automotive uh news, has a report that says Tesla batteries degrade to under 65% 2/3 of EPA range after only three years. That’s way less than the 8-year warranty they’re supposed to have.

Uncertain Battery Conditions
So you don’t know if the battery in your used electric vehicle is going to be at 100%, 60%, 50%, or even lower, and not every vehicle is going to be the same.

Battery Degradation Across Brands
And it’s not just Tesla. All brands of electric vehicles have the ab have the possibility of their batteries degrading. Who knows how much each one’s going to be and it’s not necessarily every Brand’s going to be the same.

Factors Affecting Battery Life
How the car is used is a big factor. Was it charged in hot weather? Was it driven in cold weather? Was it let the sit for a long time? All these factors can degrade batteries uh the chemical reaction in the batteries.

Importance of an EV Checkup
So you want to get a good EV checkup on the battery to make sure that it has the right capacity, the right range, everything you’re looking for in a used electric vehicle.

Due Diligence
And if you do that, it’s kind of like proper due diligence. Just like if you bought a gasoline car, you check the brakes, check the shocks, check the engine to make sure everything was good. You want to check the battery in electric vehicle in the same exact way.

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