How Many Jobs Will A.I. Steal In 2024?

  • February 24, 2024
  • 3 min read

So, if you haven’t grasped it by now, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have a significant impact on your income and job. The media has been buzzing about this for the past 6 to 8 months, and the messages are becoming increasingly clear. But if you still have doubts, let’s delve into the statements of CEOs from major companies who are unequivocally stating that AI will lead to job cuts in 2024.

The CEOs’ Warning: Brace for Job Cuts in 2024
CEOs across the board are sounding the alarm: job cuts are on the horizon, and AI is the driving force. The question is not whether it will happen; instead, it’s a matter of how many jobs will be affected. Brace yourself for a substantial shift, as they predict that AI will either eliminate or significantly alter 60% of jobs.

Understanding Enhancement: The 60% Job Impact
When they talk about enhancement, it’s not about making your job better; it’s about redefining roles and workflows. Enhanced by AI might translate to you not having to do as much work, but this comes with a downside: companies won’t need as many employees. This revelation underscores the profound impact AI is set to have, touching nearly two-thirds of all jobs.

Google’s Paradigm Shift: Laying Off Human Salespeople for AI
Even at tech giant Google, the effects of AI are palpable. In an unexpected move, the company is letting go of hundreds of employees from the advertising division. Why? They are making a transition to AI-powered sales. This revelation is particularly telling because the layoffs aren’t in the realm of programmers or administrative roles; they’re hitting the sales department. Yes, even those responsible for human relationships in sales are being replaced by AI.

AI-Powered Sales at Google: The Unraveling of Human Connections
The case of Google adopting AI in its advertising sales is groundbreaking. Sales, a domain traditionally reliant on human connections, is being transformed. The implications are not only financial but also sociological. It’s a bold move that signals the increasing integration of AI into sectors that thrive on interpersonal relationships.

Closing Thoughts: Share Your Perspective
These revelations about AI and job cuts are undoubtedly thought-provoking. What’s your take on this AI revolution? Do you think it’s a necessary progression, or does it raise concerns about the future of employment? Share your opinions and insights with us in the comments below. The era of AI in the job market is here, and your perspective adds depth to the ongoing conversation.

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