How Cheap Can You Get A Deal On A Tesla?

  • June 19, 2024
  • 3 min read

So how cheap are some of these used electric vehicles getting? Well, how about a Tesla for $21,000? Herz Renar bought way too many of them. It didn’t work out that well. A lot of them have low miles and they’re dumping them for about 20 grand. They’re dumping them, thousands of them according to the uh one of the news articles. There’s a parking lot full of them you could see from space. There’s so many Teslas. These are cars that were 50, 60 Grand just a couple years ago, about a third of the price now.

Is it a Good Deal?
Does that mean it’s a good deal? Only depends upon if it’s usable for you, right? If you are somebody who can use a Tesla for your everyday life, everyday driving, your habits match, you can plug it in, that’s good. But where else are you going to find a $21,000 used car that’s halfway decent? That’s the big question. There’s not many cars anymore that are in that range that are any good. So it might be worth considering.

Tips for Buying
Make sure you get a good um EV checkup on the battery. Make sure you shop around for used EV to make sure the price is the best one you can get. Make sure it matches your, you know, how you kind of use the car, maybe for a second vehicle. But electrical vehicles are crashing in price and maybe you can get a good deal on a second or third car.

Closing Remarks
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