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Now you have the option to access a licensed or certified professional to get informed answers with a one-on-one video call.

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We will provide you a convenient way to get some possible considerations.

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You will have the undivided attention to give you the directions or solutions needed.

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Companies and government agencies don’t have customer service lines, they only have automated chat bots, or emails. Even if you do somehow reach someone by phone, it is usually a high pressure salesperson or a low level clerk/receptionist who does not have much info.

The expert professionals are not available by phone because they are working on business for existing customers.

You will have the undivided attention of the expert to go through your scenario to give you the directions or solutions needed.

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Even though the expert may be a licensed or certified professional, this credential is only valuable to you for possible experience. They are not acting as a licensed or certified agent on your behalf for any particular matter. This call does not create an agency relationship.

You can discuss any subject about the profession your agent is 

You can click the “Connect” button and arrange a call ASAP. It is usually the same day, sometimes immediately within the hour.

No, you can arrange the meeting by video call using your mobile device, cell phone, or computer. You can have the conversation from the comfort of your home or office.

Yes, any device that has internet access can be used.

No downloads needed, it goes right on your internet browser.

You can ask about any business matter, or consumer question. You can not use the information for legal advice, medical evaluation, financial guidance, or any purpose that if you rely on the answers by themself, would create loss or risk for you.

These are expert answers from experienced and licensed professionals, with extensive knowledge in various industries. The same information may be available with a bunch of Google searches, but the video advice call will get it to you from an actual person, where you can ask questions, and know that it is not just a random person.

These are licensed, certified, experienced, and qualified experts. They may be retired or active duty professionals in the business segment selected.

The standard call is for 15 minutes, which is normally plenty of time to cover the questions and scenarios. If the professional is not booked right after, they can normally extend the call for a few minutes when possible. Also, you can book a longer call using the link below.

The professional answers can be used to help complete the solution or satisfy your inquiry. We recommend that you independently confirm the details that are important to your decision making, as you would with any source. The answers should not be the primary source of decision making details, and certainly can not be used for legal advice or other critical decision making. See the terms and conditions for the full details. In general, consider this option of talking to an actual human to provide a convenient way to get some possible considerations for you to take under advisement along with other sources.

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Get some possible considerations for you to take under advisement along with other sources.

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