Easy Way To Stop Cyber Attacks

  • June 8, 2024
  • 2 min read

Surge in Cyber Attacks
Last year was the biggest increase in cyber attacks on businesses ever recorded. 2023 was the biggest increase over the prior year that we’ve ever seen, and the activity of cyber attacks is going through the roof.

Email as the Primary Attack Vector
Most of these attacks start with email, so if you have very good active monitoring and very good uh responses, you can avoid most of these cyber crimes. In fact, most cyber liability insurance policies will include for free active monitoring of your network, your email, your servers, your data points.

Response Teams and Defense Systems
It’ll also have a response team, so if it sees something or if you call them with something, you can pick up the phone and tell them you have some type of an event, and they have a response team that can, you know, help you out with that. Either way, whether you do it through your insurance policy or do it through your IT, make sure you have a defense system built into your email because that’s where the majority of these attacks start.

Early Detection and Prevention
And sometimes the attacks start months in advance of when they actually hit you, they hit your company. This is good because you have some advanced notice; if you can catch it early, you have a chance of not having the attack affect your business.

Financial Impact of Cyber Attacks
A typical business that has an attack can cost between $500,000 and $800,000. Sixty percent of companies that have a cyber attack end up going out of business at some point within 24 months.

Prevention and Insurance
So you want to avoid it if possible, either by robust prevention, insurance, or a combination of the two to make sure your business and your employees can thrive and don’t get shut down because some hacker overseas gets into your network from a sloppy email or some spoofed email that gets into your system.

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