Clean Title VIN Check Not Always Accurate

  • February 1, 2024
  • 3 min read

The Importance of a Valid Title

  • The DMV Error and its Consequences
    A driver recovered their beloved 71 Nova after it was stolen and missing for 13 years. They parked it outside a friend’s house for two months while they were away, only to find it gone upon their return. Despite their efforts over nine years, they discovered a sales ad on Craigslist, leading them to believe they had legally purchased it from a car dealer. However, issues arose when the DMV later issued a title for the vehicle, missing a crucial date at the bottom. The DMV’s failure to scan records properly exacerbated the situation, leading to legal troubles.
  • Risks Associated with Alternative Methods
    Various methods exist for obtaining a title when proper paperwork is lacking, including bonded titles, Vermont loopholes, and court order titles. While these avenues may seem viable, each carries its own risks and additional expenses. Bonded titles involve surety bonds through the state, while Vermont loopholes exploit legal gaps. However, reliance on these methods can lead to complications and legal issues down the line.
  • The Authority of a Court Order Title
    Despite the availability of alternative methods, obtaining a court-order title remains the most secure option. A judge’s ruling supersedes all other considerations, providing a definitive solution to title disputes. While loopholes may seem appealing, they often come with hidden pitfalls and uncertainties. In contrast, a court order title offers clarity and legal protection, ensuring ownership rights without ambiguity.

The Pitfalls of Purchasing a Vehicle Without a Valid Title

  • Buyer Beware: Common Misconceptions
    Many buyers find themselves in precarious situations when purchasing vehicles without proper titles. Sellers often promise to procure titles post-sale, only to disappear once payment is received. This scenario is all too common in the realm of car sales, leading to frustration and financial loss for unsuspecting buyers.
  • Database Records vs. Documented Titles
    The reliance on database records for vehicle histories can be misleading. While services like Carfax provide valuable information, they are not comprehensive. Critical details may be missing, leading buyers to make uninformed decisions. It’s essential to recognize the distinction between database records and documented titles, with the latter holding more weight in legal proceedings.
  • The Necessity of a Court Order Title
    When dealing with title disputes or missing paperwork, pursuing a court order is the surest path to resolution. Court rulings are based on archived documents, providing a definitive basis for ownership claims. In contrast, alternative methods may offer temporary solutions but lack the legal authority of a court order title. Ensuring a valid title safeguards against future complications and legal challenges.

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