Cars Now Repo Themselves When Payments Are Late

  • February 16, 2024
  • 2 min read

Have you heard about Ford’s recent patent application? It’s a rather alarming development, to say the least. Imagine your car being capable of repossessing itself if you fail to meet certain criteria.

The Patent Details: A Multi-Step Process
According to the patent, Ford envisions a multi-step process that begins with the inconvenience of disabling certain comfort features like heating, air conditioning, or the radio. It’s designed to make you uncomfortable, nudging you to address any issues.

The Intrusive Measures: Discomfort and Annoyance
But it doesn’t stop there. The patent suggests escalating measures, such as emitting continuous, irritating noises that you can’t silence. It’s an intrusive tactic aimed at getting your attention if you’ve fallen behind on payments or violated any terms of the agreement.

The Ultimate Consequence: Remote Disablement and Repossession
If you continue to disregard these warnings, things will get even worse. The vehicle might remotely disable its key fob, effectively locking you out, and then proceed to drive itself to the repo yard. It’s a dystopian scenario where your car can literally be taken away from you by artificial intelligence.

Potential Risks and Concerns
One can’t help but ponder the potential risks associated with this technology. What if there’s a mistake? What if it’s a scorching hot day and your air conditioning suddenly shuts off? The implications are concerning, to say the least.

Conclusion: An Uncertain Future for Vehicle Ownership
While this technology might not become mainstream immediately, the fact that Ford has filed a patent raises questions about the future of vehicle ownership. How will this innovation shape the way we buy and own cars in the coming years? It’s a topic that undoubtedly merits further discussion and scrutiny.

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