Bulk Tools and Returns Listing

  • March 1, 2024
  • 1 min read

Here’s a bulk retail lot from AML that’s catching our attention. These lots often contain various consumer goods, but this one seems geared more towards home improvement or tools. It’s fully manifested, described as fitting on one pallet, and ships from their warehouse in Alabama.

Discovering High-Value Items
Upon inspecting the manifest, a couple of items stand out for their high value. There are two-wheeled charger starters, a 200-amp charger starter, a chandelier, a torque wrench, a big tool chest, a tie rod cylinder rated at 3000 psi (although its function isn’t entirely clear from the description, it does have an item number), a couple of rolling-bottom tool chests, an infrared heater, and a fuel tank.

Potential for Resale
This lot appears to be ideal for resale, particularly in a home improvement or professional tool environment. While some items might find their way onto eBay, the real opportunity lies in retail. With lots like these, you often discover items that can be resold for profit. Even selling just a few key items could cover the initial investment, leaving the rest as pure profit for later resale.

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