Building a Successful Partnership with Contractors

  • July 10, 2023
  • 4 min read

In the world of construction, finding reliable contractors who promptly return your calls can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. However, there are strategies you can employ to improve your chances of getting a contractor’s attention and ultimately build a successful partnership. In this article, we will explore key factors that influence a builder’s decision to respond to inquiries, the importance of clear communication, and how focusing on making the job easier can make you a preferred client.

Understanding Builders’ Priorities:

Builders and contractors often have more inquiries and business than they can handle. It’s essential to recognize that simply offering payment does not guarantee a prompt response. Builders carefully select the jobs they pursue, considering factors beyond financial compensation. For instance, if there are two potential jobs—one worth ten thousand dollars and another worth five thousand dollars—the builder might choose the latter if it involves less overhead and potential complications.

Reducing Overhead and Streamlining the Job:

Project management plays a significant role in how smoothly a construction job progresses. From building houses to undertaking remodels or additions, there are numerous moving parts that require careful coordination. Scheduling, trade coordination, design and architecture, and the permitting process all contribute to the success of a project. Builders are cautious when accepting jobs that may introduce unnecessary complications or extensive client-induced changes midway through the process.

The Importance of Clarity and Organization in a partnership:

When approaching a builder, it is crucial to have a clear plan and be well-organized. Uncertainty or vagueness can be red flags for builders. If you are a client who is unsure about the details or lacks organized plans, builders may hesitate to engage in a project with you. Therefore, it is important to have a well-defined idea of what you want, such as a thousand-square-foot addition, accompanied by approved plans and proper county permissions.

Starting a Conversation to Make the Job Easier:

Instead of immediately requesting a bid or quoting, it is beneficial to initiate a conversation with a builder. Express your desire to seek input from them on how to make the job easier. Builders appreciate clients who prioritize collaboration and value their expertise. By emphasizing the word “easier,” you demonstrate that you understand the challenges builders face and are willing to work together to overcome them. Builders are more likely to prioritize clients who approach them with such a mindset.

Advantages of Avoiding Multiple Bids:

Asking for multiple bids can deter builders from investing time and effort in your project. Builders are aware that the chances of winning a bid are relatively low, even if they provide one among three bids. The process of creating a bid involves visiting the property, spending hours on bid software, and potentially working for free if they don’t secure the job. Instead, focus on establishing a partnership based on collaboration and trust, rather than solely seeking the lowest bid.

Becoming a Dream Client:

Builders seek clients who make their jobs easier. You become a dream client and create a partnership by demonstrating your willingness to collaborate and make the construction process smoother. Builders appreciate clients who value their expertise and prioritize open communication. Not only will they be motivated to deliver quality work, but they may also offer more competitive pricing.


Building a successful partnership with contractors requires effective communication and understanding of their priorities. By clearly articulating your needs, being organized, and seeking their input on making the job easier, you can increase your chances of getting contractors to call you back. Focus on establishing a collaborative relationship rather than solely seeking multiple bids, and you’ll become a preferred client. Remember, successful partnerships are built on trust, effective communication, and a shared commitment to making the construction process as smooth as possible.

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