Are EV’s Too Heavy For Crash Testing?

  • March 1, 2024
  • 1 min read

Here’s a new wrinkle with the rollout of electric vehicles: crash safety and crash testing.

Electric Vehicles: A Weighty Issue
Crash testing is done using machines like this one that do crash testing, exactly as it sounds.

The weight problem
The problem is that electric vehicles are much heavier than standard vehicles because of the battery.

Testing Limitations
Some of these vehicles weigh eight to nine thousand pounds, and crash test machines may not be rated for that.

Capacity Concerns
There are obviously some machines that rate higher to test things, like Hummers and larger trucks.

An Insufficient Solution
But some of the smaller machines that are more popular or more common may not be able to be rated.

The Call for Change
So look for a rollout of larger volumes of higher-capacity crash testing to make sure that electric vehicles have good safety and crash results.

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