Are EVs A Head Fake To Get Rid Of All Cars?

  • February 15, 2024
  • 2 min read

The Portland License Plate Conundrum
In Portland, Oregon, an alarming trend has emerged where half of the vehicles on the road have expired license plates. This phenomenon raises questions about the underlying causes and potential ramifications.

The Lack of Prosecution and Consequences
Part of the reason behind the high number of expired tags in Portland is attributed to the city’s leniency towards prosecuting such offenses. Some states have even passed laws preventing police from pulling over vehicles solely for expired tags, citing reasons of equity and social justice.

Consequences for Portland’s Budget
The consequence of this lax enforcement is a significant budget shortfall for the city of Portland. The failure to renew license plates translates into lost revenue, exacerbating financial strains on municipal services.

The predicted “Car Death Spiral”
Back in 2017, a renewable energy website made a startling prediction that by 2030, car ownership would plummet. This prediction included the notion of an impending “car death spiral,” where factors like expired tags contribute to a decline in vehicle ownership.

The Rise of Vehicle Theft
In a concerning development, Portland also experienced a surge in vehicle theft, with 8,000 cars stolen, many of which were later found stripped down. This uptick in thefts raises suspicions about potential motives behind reducing the number of cars on the road.

Forced Transition to Electric Vehicles
Could there be a coordinated effort to hasten the transition to electric vehicles? Some speculate that pushing consumers towards electric vehicles, despite their limitations, could be a tactic to gradually eliminate car ownership altogether.

The Role of Electric Vehicles in the Transition
Electric vehicles, once seen as a transitional phase between gas-powered cars and a car-free future, now face scrutiny for their perceived shortcomings. Could the promotion of electric vehicles be a strategic move to make all cars undesirable?

Speculation or reality?
The convergence of various factors—expired tags, increased vehicle thefts, and legislative measures promoting electric vehicles—raises suspicions about a concerted effort to reshape transportation habits. While some dismiss these connections as mere speculation, others see a deliberate strategy at play.

Your Thoughts?
What do you make of these observations? Do you believe there’s a coordinated effort to phase out car ownership? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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