Are Consumers Starting To Demand EV’s (& ditch gas cars)

  • October 5, 2022
  • 3 min read

The automotive landscape has been witnessing a significant push towards electric vehicles (EVs) in recent years. Amidst forced incentives, rebates, and even mandates in some regions, consumers have often resisted the shift, clinging to their gas-powered vehicles. However, there are emerging signs that the tide might be turning. Let’s explore the evolving sentiment towards electric vehicles and what it could mean for the future.

Survey Highlights: A Gradual Shift in Perspective

An industry trade publication in the automotive sector recently published an article titled “Survey Uncovers Gradual Growth in EV Appeal,” shedding light on changing consumer attitudes. While the headline may not scream a revolution, the underlying numbers tell an interesting story.

  1. Likelihood to Consider EVs:
    • Those considering an electric vehicle, either likely or extremely likely, have seen an increase from 52% to 59%. While a modest growth of a few percentage points, it signifies a notable shift.
  2. Reduction in EV Rejecters:
    • The category of consumers expressing a strong aversion to EVs, stating they are somewhat or extremely unlikely to consider one, has decreased from 24% to 19%. A seemingly small shift in percentage, it represents a 20% reduction in volume.
  3. Impact of Gas Prices:
    • A significant revelation is that a third of consumers are much more likely to consider purchasing an EV due to gas prices. This figure has risen from 27%, indicating a growing sensitivity to the economic factors influencing consumer choices.
  4. Decrease in Concerns:
    • Concerns about the cost to charge an electric vehicle have decreased from 54% to 42%. While still a substantial number, the downward trend suggests a gradual easing of apprehensions.

Interpreting the Numbers: Momentum Building?

While these figures might not scream a mass conversion to EVs, they do imply a shift in momentum. Resistance seems to be loosening, and factors like economic considerations and familiarity might be contributing to this change.

The Used EV Market: A New Perspective

A noteworthy observation is the shifting perception in the used car market. Used electric vehicles are increasingly becoming more attractive to consumers, hinting at a growing acceptance beyond the realm of new purchases.

The Changing Landscape: What’s Your Take?

Now, we turn the spotlight on you. How has your opinion about electric vehicles evolved in recent months or this year? Are you more open to the idea, or does the resistance persist? What factors would make you a staunch EV advocate, or do you believe it will never happen for you?

Contemplating a Gasoline Vehicle Ban: A Thought Experiment

Consider this scenario: your state, like California and some others, decides to ban gasoline vehicles, leaving you with no option but to embrace electric vehicles. How would this impact your life? Would you adapt seamlessly, or would it pose significant challenges?

The EV Revolution: Implications for Consumers and Businesses

As electric vehicles continue to revolutionize consumer preferences and the automotive industry, understanding the sentiments of the population becomes crucial. Whether you’re making personal decisions about your next vehicle or steering a business related to this transformative shift, being attuned to the evolving perspectives is essential.

Share Your Insights: Join the Conversation

We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section. Have you experienced a change in perception towards electric vehicles? What factors, in your view, are driving this shift? Let’s engage in a conversation that explores the ongoing transformation in the automotive landscape.

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